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Starbucks To Remove Trans Fat

Starbucks has further detailed its timetable for removing trans fat and says all of its baked good suppliers in the United States and Canada will eliminate any trace of trans fat by the end of this year to avoid having to label their pastries as containing trans fat.

The coffee giant had previously released its quarterly report which showed that the company's worldwide profit increased by 18.5%. Right after the release of the report, Starbucks made a statement on the removal of the trans fatty acid from its food in all its restaurants in the U.S. by the end of this year. Now the company has also added Canada into the timetable list.

In addition, Starbucks said that it has begun to eliminate trans fatty acid in regions outside of the North America and will realize similar actions in the China market before August 2007.

The trans fat issue has not affected Starbucks' optimistic expectations on its future. The company said that its revenue increase rate would continue until the end of the year. A top executive from the company also reportedly disclosed that though the expansion on the global market has increased their costs, they are optimistic of the benefits from these long term investments.

At present, Starbucks owns more than 13,700 chain stores, including over 500 in China.

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