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J-Kung Fu Shifts To Provide Children's Nutritious Food

Cai Dabiao, president of Chinese fast food company J-Kung Fu, has promised to Chinese young consumers and their parents that J-Kung Fu will provide nutritious food and guide healthy eating habit among the kids.

Cai said that J-Kung Fu would work to provide delicious and nutritious fast food for the student group under a standardized management system. As part of its efforts to fulfill its promise, J-Kung Fu launched nutrition classes in Beijing, Guangzhou and Shanghai on this year's Student Nutrition Day and it has also launched a packaged food that features grain, bean and vegetable combinationd especially for children. Similar to other J-Kung Fu food, this food is also mainly cooked by steaming.

According to a representative from Chinese Center for Disease Control and Prevention quoted in local media, about 30% of Chinese school children in cities eat fried Western-style fast food once each week, which is not good for their health. Li Yanping, a deputy researcher from CCDCP, says that Chinese fast food suppliers should enter the children's food market as soon as possible to provide healthy and nutritious food for them.

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