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New Olympic Games Goods Retailing Store Unveiled In Beijing

Hualiu Store, reportedly to be the largest retail outlet for the goods of 2008 Beijing Olympic Games, has been formally unveiled in Beijing's Fangzhuang area.

Covering about 500 sqm, Hualiu Store sells thousands of kinds of Olympic Games related goods ranging from clothes, badges, toys to craftworks and silk. Prices range from RMB5 to RMB9600.

In order to provide more convenience for customers, Hualiu Store has promised to offer telephone booking service and free delivery service for consumers who live in downtown Beijing.

Beijing Olympics Organizing Committee started the chartered goods program on a trial basis in August 2004 and it formally launched the program and began to collect chartered franchise enterprises for the Olympics goods in November 2005. It currently has more than 57 chartered manufacturers and 63 chartered retailers.

There are currently about 5000 kinds of chartered goods on the market and more are expected to come out during the Labor Day holiday.

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