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Motorola Adjusts Domestic Channel In China

Ren Weiguang, general manager of Motorola Mobile's Terminal Department in China, has told local media that Motorola is adjusting its domestic channels in China.

Ren says the company plans to develop more stores in cities across the country in order to seize back the market share they have lost in the past years to rivals Nokia and Ericcson.

Ren said that Motorola had tried direct selling, but it later proved to be unsuitable for the company, so right now the company is accelerating the construction of its pattern of flagship retail outlets through cooperation with channel partners. He said that apart from opening chain stores and flagship stores in big cities like Beijing, Shanghai and Guangzhou, Motorola also plans to open stores in the second tier cities of China.

Ren denied that the opening of more stores will be a threat to electronics retailers like Gome, Suning and Dazhong, as these Motorola stores will focus only on Motorola-branded phones.

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