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Lane Crawford Withdraws From Hangzhou

Following its withdrawal from Shanghai and Harbin, Hong Kong's leading speciality fashion store Lane Crawford has now left from another Chinese city, Hangzhou.

The withdrawal from Hangzhou where Lane Crawford has run business for about three years has marked an end to this famous Hong Kong department store's business in mainland China.

Founded in 1850, Lane Crawford is well known for selling top grade and luxury clothes and lifestyle furnishings. Lane Crawford opened its Hangzhou store in March 2004, bringing with it a big range of luxury brands like Gucci, Prada and FERRAGAMO and a fresh and luxury air to the city.

Tong Minjiang, general manager of Hanghzou Building Shopping Mall, believes that Lane Crawford's failure in Hangzhou is mainly due to location, size of business site and operational pattern. Tong told local media that there were not sufficient affiliated facilities around Lane Crawford in Hangzhou, the parking was not so convenient, and the operational pattern of the store did not suit the mainland market.

The sign of Lane Crawford Hangzhou has already been replaced by that of GDA Plaza.

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