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Gome Will Build China's Top Store In Guangzhou

After three months' negotiation with Guangzhou Tianhecheng Department Store, China's domestic home appliance retailer Gome will now spend RMB1 billion to open its top store in Guangzhou.

Gome's new store is located in the Guangzhou Tianhecheng Victoria Mall. Gao Jiqun, general manager of Guangzhou Gome, said that Gome has adopted a different cooperation pattern with Tianhecheng in that it manages the business area transferred by Tianhecheng on its own. And in addition to paying Tianhecheng rent each year, it will also pay it a certain amount of its business profit.

Gao said that the new Gome store has a total business area of 12000 square meters, and it is the largest store for Gome in China. Gome with cooperate with Tianhecheng for a period of five years.

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