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MII: More Than 60% MP3 Players Unqualified

The "Spot Check Result on the Quality of Electronics Industry 2006" report released by China's Ministry of Information Industry shows that only 34.4% of the MP3 players in China are qualified.

The unqualified MP3 brands included products of such famous manufacturers as Tsinghua Unisplendor, Tsinghua Tongfang, Unibit and DEC. MII checked 128 kinds of products, under three categories of MP3 players, printed circuits and frequency conversion transformation power supplies, from 128 companies.

The eligibility rate of printed circuit and frequency conversion transformation power supply were 81.7% and 100%, respectively, while the rate for MP3 players was only 34.4%.

MII spot checked 32 types of MP3 players of 32 manufacturers in six regions of Beijing, Shanghai, Jiangsu, Guangdong, Anhui, and Sichuan. It turned out only 11 types of MP3 players were eligible, according to standards set by MII. The main problems of the unqualified MP3 players included output power and signal-to-noise have not reached the stated standards, and the electrical adapters have not reached the national safety standard.

MII said it would cooperate with the local quality departments to urge unqualified MP3 player manufacturers to rectify themselves.

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