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Problematic MP3 Player Manufacturers Decline Recall

Following the Ministry of Information Industry's recent spot check of 32 MP3 players which showed that more than 60% of the MP3 players were unqualified, the concerned MP3 player manufacturers have told local media they don't agree with MII's check result and won't accept users' returned goods.

A representative from Weixin Gongmao, one of the companies exposed for having problematic products, also said that they wouldn't recall their products. The representative said they doubt the standard that MII used in checking their products, and they have asked their Taiwan headquarters to issue a quality report and would submit that report to MII and the media as soon as possible. Weixin Gongmao's product MS-5515 was reported to have a problem with output power capacity.

In addition, Zhuhai Meizu Electronics Technology Company and Changhong Jiahua said they won't recall their respective products. The former said MII's test results were not clear.

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