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Beijing Raises Threshold For Medium And Small Restaurants

The Beijing Sanitation Supervision Bureau has revealed that a higher standard for operating medium and small restaurants will be implemented soon in Beijing.

The minimum restaurant area will be changed from 50 sq m to 80 sq m and the restaurants with areas under 50 sq m will be transformed to other businesses.

According to local media, there have been a number of problems in the medium and small restaurants sector in Beijing in recent years. Dirty kitchens, filthy dishware, and alck of trained staff have led to health risks and business problems. So the Beijing Sanitation Supervision Bureau is determined to strengthen supervision of food sanitation and to enhance the standard of operating medium and small food and beverage companies in Beijing.

At present, the new standard for medium and small food and beverage companies in Beijing is in the process of taking amendments and has already been submitted to National Quality Supervision Bureau. It is supposed to come out later this year.

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