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Hong Kong Halts Mainland China Toothpaste Sales

Following bans in Panama, United States and Singapore for Chinese toothpaste, Hong Kong Customs is now asking local residents to stop using toothpaste under the three brands of Maxam, Sanqi and Tianqi.

According to local media, these three toothpastes reportedly contain aminoethoxy, and the General Administration of Quality Supervision, Inspection and Quarantine of China has now initiated an investigation on the three toothpastes after hearing about the Hong Kong ban. Retail outlets are being asked to recall the products.

However, Guangxi Aoqili Holding Company, the manufacturer of Tianqi Special Effect TCM Toothpaste, said the aminoethoxy contained in their toothpaste is at the normal level, so they won't stop selling the products in the mainland.

Kunming Toothpaste Company, maker of Sanqi Toothpaste, is reportedly suspicious of the problematic Sanqi brand toothpaste identified by Hong Kong Customs and says they should be counterfeit products. Shanghai White Cat Holding Company the manufacturer of Maxam branded toothpaste, also said that they strictly followed the relevant standards in making the toothpaste and there should not be a problem with their products.

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