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Foreign Supermarkets Speed Up Expansion In Changsha

Foreign invested retailers in China are speeding up their expansion in Changsha.

Leading companies like Wal-Mart, Carrefour and Metro have taken action in fields as supermarkets and department stores. Carrefour has told local media that the third Carrefour store in Changsha is already open on South Shaoshan road, and the incoming store near Helong Gymnasium will bring about great convenience for consumers.

Wal-mart's first two stores are located on the Walking Street of South Huangxing road and Yuhuating, respectively, in Changsha and the third one is being set in the east of the city.

A representative from Metro said that they are looking for a sound location for its second store in the southern area of Changsha, and they are also interested in the western part of the city for future expansion.

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