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Chinese Consumer Goods Sales Continue To Rise

China's National Bureau of Statistics says the total retail sales of consumer goods reached RMB715.8 billion in May, a year-on-year increase of 15.9 percent.

In terms of different regions, the retail sales of consumer goods in urban areas was RMB486.2 billion, rose by 16.3 percent over the same period of the previous year; that of retail sales at and below the county level achieved RMB229.6 billion, up by 15.0 percent.

In terms of different industries, the retail sales of wholesale and retail trades was RMB605.2 billion, a year-on-year increase of 15.7 percent; that of hotels and catering services was RMB98.4 billion, up by 18.7 percent; that of other industries was RMB12.2 billion, up by 6.5 percent.

In terms of different commodity categories, the retail sales above designated size of wholesale and retail trades, divided by foodstuff, clothing and utilized commodities increased 21.5, 23.5 and 26.6 percent, respectively. Of which, the retail sales of grain and oil was up by 35.0 percent; that of meat, poultry and eggs was up by 38.8 percent; that of clothing, shoes, hats and textiles was up by 23.5 percent; that of cultural and offices appliances rose by 26.3 percent; that of sports and recreation articles rose by 24.2 percent; that of articles for daily use shot up by 26.0 percent; that of household electric appliances and video appliances rose by 28.5 percent; that of furniture was up by 41.6 percent; that of building and decoration materials increased 62.8 percent; that of cosmetics jumped by 30.3 percent; that of gold, silver, and jewelry rose by 37.3 percent; that of telecommunication appliances rose by 9.7 percent; that of automobiles rose by 34.2 percent; and that of petroleum and related products rose by 17.2 percent.

The accumulated total retail sales of consumer goods from January to May reached RMB3.5 trillion, a year-on-year increase of 15.2 percent.

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