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Japanese Companies Increase Chinese Store Openings

Many Japanese food and beverage companies have recently opened stores in China.

Royal Holdings, which mainly deals in home-style chain restaurants, will open its first restaurant in China. D&C will also add six more stores to reach 200 by 2008 will Saizeriya will achieve 100 in 2009 by adding a few locations in China. With increased competition, the food and beverage market is shrinking in Japan, so lots of companies have decided to expand their business into China.

Cafe Croissant, already famous in Japan, will open its location in Beijing in August and the second one is scheduled to open in Shenzhen later in the year. The coffee store will provide more than 35 food varieties, just as like the stores in Japan.

Unicafe will have reached 34 Amici Coffee stores by extending its four stores in Dalian and Beijing by the end of 2008. The company will also establish a baking branch company to ensure its continued food supply.

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