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Survey: Payments Increase With MasterCard Mobile In Taiwan

MasterCard Worldwide in collaboration with Taiwan Mobile and Taipei Fubon Bank has announced the initial results of a survey conducted in line with trial of MasterCard Mobile with PayPass.

The survey results revealed that over 75% of the trial program participants preferred using MasterCard PayPass on mobile phones over traditional contact-based cards. Participants found it highly useful to be able to access their funds via their mobile phone, receive extensive acceptance and download coupons for storage within their mobile phone.

The NFC-enabled mobile phone, which is equipped with MasterCard PayPass, was launched in early 2007 to provide consumers in Taiwan an innovative contactless payment device that would carry the same payment functionality and services that payment cards provide. One hundred consumers were selected by Taiwan Mobile to test the MasterCard PayPass payment feature embedded on a Nokia 3220 mobile phone. NFC is a short-range proximity technology that uses radio frequency to enable secure, contactless communication between two devices.

MasterCard carried out the survey with 100 consumers. Each consumer was tasked to use their MasterCard Mobile with PayPass to make payments, as well as download e-coupons in real-time or in advance at more than 2,000 merchant acceptance locations in Taiwan.

Participants using the Nokia 3220 equipped with MasterCard PayPass made payments more often when compared to using traditional contact-based cards. And more than 25% of participants who used their PayPass card 2 to 3 times a month prior to the trial program increased their frequency of usage to more than 3 times a month after experiencing MasterCard Mobile with PayPass.

"For telecom service providers, the mobile payments market has been an important area that we wish to develop. During the trial program of MasterCard Mobile with PayPass, consumers were able to experience a state-of-the-art contactless payment solution, as well as download e-coupons anytime anywhere. We will endeavor to continue to promote MasterCard Mobile with PayPass with embedded NFC technology in order to provide innovative services to consumers," said Jang-Chen Dong, a senior general manager at Taiwan Mobile.

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