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Hangzhou Invests Big Money To Push Service Industry

The Hangzhou government has released a report called "2007 Advice On The Development Of Modern Service Industry In Hangzhou" which outlines plans for greater service industry growth.

According to the 2007 Advice, there should be no less than 135 large projects in the service industry in Hangzhou in 2007, and the total amount of investment should be no less than RMB80 billion and no less than RMB18 billion should be invested this year.

The modern service industry in the city covers many key fields and the detailed aims of development for each field are described in the 2007 Advice. In order to accomplish the requirements of the 2007 Advice, the Hangzhou government has already assigned projects to lower level departments in the city and the eight leading bureaus. It has also signed agreements of accountability which will serve as key metrics in the annual appraisal for the leaders of all government levels.

In addition, a supporting policy of pricing management for the service industry will be implemented in which all the prices that can be formed through market competition will be set by the market and the related government departments will enhance transparency and democracy of pricing.

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