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Shiseido Unites With Watsons In China

Shiseido's new brand Aqualabel is now being sold in Watsons in Guangzhou, the first time the cosmetics company has cooperated with a franchiser in China to expand.

This attempt shows that Shiseido is keen to expand the Chinese market which already brings in about 30% of its total sales each year.

This cooperation will last for a year. Shiseido will choose some Watsons stores to sell its products in Beijing, Shanghai and Guangzhou. Later, Shiseido will choose shopping malls to sell its products. According to local media, Shiseido plans to open 2500 outlets within a year.

Building on its long-standing reputation for quality and innovation, Watsons offers more than 25,000 products in over 1,500 outlets across Asia. Products range from medicines, cosmetics and toiletries to fashion items, confectionery, cards, and toys.

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