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New Rules To Regulate Hospitality Employees

Wang Xin Pei, a spokesperson of the Ministry of Commerce, says both the Rural Amusement Service Rule and Qualification and Condition for Star Grade Hotel Professionals drafted by MC were formally implemented on July 1, 2007.

Wang said that the implementation of the Rural Amusement Service Rule will be of great significance to the construction of socialism in new rural areas frequented by travelers, while the Qualification and Condition for Star Grade Hotel Professionals is very important to upgrading the overall service level of the hospitality industry as well as to increasing the awareness of the image of Chinese hospitality industry in the international market.

Qualification and Condition for Star Grade Hotel Professionals is believed to set a threshold for people to enter the hospitality industry, although its specific content has not yet been released. Apart from this rule, another travel related standard called Family-fun Operation and Service Criteria was also be enacted on July 1. Analysts quoted in local media believe that the implementation of these two standards will play a substantial role to the regulation of the hospitality industry and it will help wash out a batch of unqualified hospitality enterprises and hospitality training firms.

The qualifications of staff at star grade hotels has gone down dramatically in recent decades. With the increase of star grade hotels before the 2008 Olympics, more people will join this industry and it is therefore very necessary to issue this standard to regulate their qualifications.

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