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White Rabbit Creamy Candies Exports Resume

News from Shanghai Guan Sheng Yuan Group is that the 10 containers of White Rabbit Creamy Candies that had been halted at customs for containing suspected formaldehyde, are now being exported to the destination countries.

From July 20, seven containers of the candies have been delivered to Singapore, Costa Rica, Malaysia, India, Nepal and the United States. As the candies have been now reportedly shown not to contain any formaldehyde, some overseas dealers have added their order bills.

Some foreign media have previously reported that formaldehyde had been identified on four kinds of candies including the White Rabbit in the Philippines. Following the report, the Shanghai Municipal Bureau of Quality and Technical Supervision immediately began an investigation on the candies. The test results of relevant parties, including the Centre for Food Safety in Hong Kong, have turned out that White Rabbit does not contain any formaldehyde and is safe to eat.

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