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15% Of Sunglasses Found To Be Sub-Standard

The Shanghai Municipal Department of Industry and Commerce has reportedly conducted a quality inspection on 67 types of sunglasses sold by 32 sellers and the results show that about 15% of the sunglasses are unqualified and sub-standard.

According to reports on, the tests proved that 57 types of sunglasses have met the relevant standard, accounting for 85.1% of the total, which is a big increase compared with the quality rate of 45.2% when a test was conducted in 2002. However, many famous brands such as Esprit, Prada and MaxMara have been found on the unqualified list.

The results also show that the qualified rate of sunglasses at professional eyeglass stores are 7.4% higher than that sold at department stores. The problems of the unqualified sunglasses mainly include inadequate light transmission rate, insufficient ultraviolet ray protection and non-standard logo markings.

The sellers of the unqualified sunglasses include Shanghai Qiancai Business Investment Development Company, Shanghai Hongxing Eyeglass Company, Tianshan Store and Rudatian Trade Company, and Zhong Xin Taifu Store.

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