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Alipay Publishes Internet Credit Environment Report

Alipay, one of the largest independent third-party payment platforms in China, has recently completed an Internet credit survey to learn about users' concerns about the Internet credit environment.

As of July 21, Alipay says it received 396,542 online responses and up to 90% of those Internet users believed that it was quite necessary to fix a "credit tag" to credible enterprises and individuals. According to local media reports, the survey says 69% of the respondents believe information on the Internet is highly trustworthy and they regard the Internet as a main source of acquiring information. 27% of them think the Internet can be used as a reference or guide for their daily behaviors.

Regarding enterprise credit, 52% of the respondents say they trust branded or well-established websites. 38% of them believe in websites that have passed relevant certification and only 10% of the Internet users find reliable websites through the introduction of others or through their own identification via search engines or reading in news reports.

The online voting results show that among the factors that bring a loss of trust to the Internet, 24% are fake advertisements, 23% are virus transmissions, 19% are fraud, 17% are disclosure of personal information, 11% are pornography information or other Chinese sexually-explicit spam. In addition, the survey shows that 75% of the consumers value a business's credit rating for online transactions and 16% of netizens will rely on the Internet to buy their most wanted goods.

Finally, 56% of the netizens believe that it is necessary to set up a third-party credit evaluation system to ask all businesses and individuals to pass the certification.

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