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GreenTree Inn To Open Five Hotels In Wuhan

Budget hotel chain GreenTree Inn has announced plans to enter Wuhan's hospitality market with the first batch of five hotels to be unveiled at the city's Jianghan Road Walk Street, East Lake, Guocikou, Ziyang East road and Yanjiang Dadao, respectively.

GreenTree Inn expects that its total portfolio in Wuhan will reach 8-10 by the end of this year and reach 30 in the entire Hubei Province in the coming years.

Wuhan has been enjoying an advantageous position in China for connecting different parts of the country. In recent years, with the constant growth of its economy and the issuance of new policies, Wuhan is more capable of extending its hospitality sector. This is the main reason that GreenTree chose to invest in the city.

As one of the first business chain hotel that is designed to provide high quality and cost-effective service for businessmen on Chinese market, GreenTree Inn mainly targets business clients of three-star and four-star hotels. Since its entry into Chinese market in 2004, GreenTree Inn has had a total more than 120 hotels in China, including 40 that have been opened and more than 80 that are being constructed.

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