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Consolidated Online Payment Service For China, Japan, Korea

ONE Payment Alliance Corporation, a collaborated payment processing service with ChinaPay, ECONTEXT, and INICIS, has launched an online payment processing service for China, Japan, and Korea market with a single interface, a single merchant service, and a single payment gateway to reach out to online consumers in the three largest economies in Asia.

This alliance service is available to begin online payment processing services to many global merchants wishing to conduct online business in China, Japan and Korea.

Under the exclusively collaborated online payment processing service operation, ChinaPay, ECONTEXT and INICIS have worked together successfully to deliver world class online payment service in the area of a unified payment gateway, consolidated real-time payment data, including authorization, settlement, and reconciliation, a single point of contact for three countries, end to end local payment technology implementation, payment acceptance in local currencies for local customers, multiple payment method supports, settlement funding in local currencies, receive customer services from a single support team and many other collaborated services.

"Our service is needed by global merchants to deeply penetrate into China, Japan, and Korea online consumer market to accept locally issued cards, other unique payment types, and comply with local regulations. No other service can provide a single access to China, Japan, and Korea online payment processing service similar to our capabilities. It will eliminate global merchant's repetitive administrative effort implementing each local payment, increase the capabilities in the online global business, and enjoy our alliance member's proven local services with a single connection. I am personally pleased to offer this exciting and powerful service in the constantly demanding payment industry," said Eugene Lee, VP of sales at ONE Payment Alliance Corp.

Global merchants can have access to local payment types such as BC cards, CUP debit cards, mobile payments, internet bank transfers, convenient store payments, and also most of international brand credit cards.

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