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AsiaPay To Deliver Risk, Compliance Solutions to Asia

Qualys has announced a partnership with AsiaPay to resell Qualys' solutions to help customers better prevent, detect and respond to vulnerabilities and threats in real-time.

Additionally, AsiaPay will utilize QualysGuard to deliver PCI certification and PCI-related services to their clients.

PCI DSS requires any organization accepting credit card payments to comply with 12 core network and data security requirements. PCI DSS is enforced across the global marketplace, therefore, retailers around the world are challenged to protect customers' confidential information including credit card numbers, contact and billing information. With the proliferation of online transactions in Asia, businesses there have to be as vigilant as ever to combat threats.

Based in Hong Kong, with operational presence in Thailand, the Philippines, Singapore and mainland China, AsiaPay provides a comprehensive suite of secure, scalable, function-rich, real-time multi-currency payment processing solutions and technologies on credit and debit cards for banks, corporations, small-to-medium enterprises, charities and individuals.

"We are excited to be partnering with Qualys to quickly deploy the most robust risk and compliance solution as well as comprehensive PCI offering on the market," said Joseph Chan, CEO of AsiaPay. "With the exponential increase in payment card use in Asia, our customers are seeking best-in-breed technologies that protect their systems and sensitive customer information against the imminent threat of exposure."

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