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Lenovo Mobile Announces New Cooperation With Gome

Lenovo Mobile and Gome have announced a new strategic cooperation.

From now until September 15, 2007, Lenovo Mobile will have S7, the latest mobile phone product of its star product series, exclusively sold at Gome. In addition, the parties will carry out a range of in-depth projects in a one-month period when a dozen Gome stores will plaster S7's image around their stores to convey the fashionable feeling of S7 to consumers.

Speaking of their cooperation with Lenovo Mobile, Chen Xiao, president of Gome, said that Gome would like to cooperate with such a leading mobile phone manufacturer as Lenovo Mobile to offer  premier choice for consumers.

With this cooperation, Lenovo Mobile and Gome have become the some of the first companies in China that have tried a cooperation pattern that combines an initial selling of a product exclusively at a retail seller with a focused promotion. Liu Zhijun, general manager of Lenovo Mobile, said that China's domestic mobile phone selling channel is undergoing major changes and big sellers will play a more important role in the selling of mobile phones in the coming years.

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