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Ministry Of Commerce Welcomes New Zealand's Test On Pajamas

Wang Xinpei, spokesperson of China's Ministry of Commerce, has spoken highly of the New Zealand Commerce Commission's latest investigation on the quality of China-made children pajamas, which were earlier accused by New Zealand's media.

The Commerce Commission closed its investigation into The Warehouse 'Red Stamp' brand pajamas after receiving test results confirming the nightwear complied with the product safety standards for children's nightwear in New Zealand.

The investigation in New Zealand was opened following two recent complaints regarding children who suffered burns while wearing the pajamas.  The Commission had the pajamas tested by an independent laboratory to determine whether the pajamas met the relevant tests for garments that are styled to reduce fire danger.

Stuart Wallace, acting director of Fair Trading in New Zealand, said that the pajamas passed both the dimension requirements for close fitting garments and the surface burn after washing test.  Compliance with each is required for a garment to carry the 'low fire danger' label as set out in the safety standards. Under the current Australia and New Zealand standards, tight fitting children's pajamas do not need to be made of low-fire-danger material because the design reduces the risk of catching fire.  However, the Ministry of Consumer Affairs, which sets standards for product safety, has confirmed it will review the Commission's test results and consider whether tight fitting pajamas should also have to be made of low-fire-danger material.

Wang says that China heralds New Zealand's objective, careful and efficient testing.

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