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24K Hotels Adds Two New Franchises In China

China-based 24K Hotels has added two new hotels this month, which are respectively located in Suzhou and Shanghai.

Located at Tongjing Beilu of Jinlv District, the Suzhou 24K Hotel is the first franchise hotel that 24k has ever set up outside of Shanghai. The hotel is adjacent to the bustling Shilu Business Walk Street and surrounded by many well-known attractions including Huqiu Hill, Lingering Garden, Cold Mountain Temple and Siyuan Temple and is a fine destination for business travelers.

The new 24K Hotel in Shanghai is located at Mingda Business Square, with Hongqiao Airport in the east and a traffic hub that connects Jiangsu, Zhejiang and Anhui in the west.

24K Hotels is jointly invested by Shanghai Minga Investment Management Co., Ltd and Shanghai Jinguan Hotel Service Co., Ltd.

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