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Center Fosters Better Working Conditions In China

The China Center for Labor and Environment has announced the establishment of new partnerships in the field of worker health and safety.

Joining its existing panel of experts is Professor Liu Tiemin, president of the China Academy of Safety Science and Technology and one of the top experts in China in this field. The Workers' Health Centre, an NGO actively involved in worker health and safety projects in mainland China as well as Hong Kong, joins the China Center's roster of supporting organizations.

The inclusion of new leading stakeholders benefits the China Center's membership of businesses as it continues to strengthen the industry platform's ability in contributing to the development, successful implementation and continuous education processes of safe manufacturing practices across China's mainstream supply chain.

"It is very important to have an accessible community that businesses can come to for guidance where key government figures and non-profit groups participate as active stakeholders" says Carlos Flores, leader of the China Center's knowledge and local capacity building network. "In addition to providing guidance from the most authoritative and well-rounded group of sources available, the other effect our work is having is the standardization of nuts-and-bolts information and approaches for managing responsibility practices for at-risk groups. This has the potential for creating a lot more clarity for local enterprises who are engaged in this manner by their overseas business partners."

In cooperation with its new partners, the China Center will be increasing both its online and offline resources for the business community in the field of production safety over the coming months.

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