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SMBQTS Identifies Substandard Televisions

In the second quarter of this year, Shanghai Municipal Bureau of Quality and Technical Supervision conducted a spot-check on the flat-panel television products manufactured or sold in the city and found that only 61.9% of the products were qualified to be sold.

Some of the flat-panel TVs of Jiahua, Sanyo, Yajia and Olevia have been found to be unqualified.

During the spot-check, SMBQTS checked 21 types of flat-panel TV sets made or sold by 17 enterprises. It found that four types of products were substandard in safety, accounting for 19% of the total. The main problem is that the manufacturers do not use proper marks or instructions for their respective products. Seven types of flat-panel TV products have been identified with performance or electromagnetism compatibility problems.

SMBQTS has asked the concerned enterprises to rectify their products within a given period of time. It has said that sellers who continue selling the unqualified products will be severely punished according to relevant laws.

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