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Chinese Food Companies Pledge To Ensure Food Safety

News from the 5th China Food Safety Annual Meeting is that more than 300 food companies from across China have pledged on behalf of Chinese food industry to ensure food safety and adhere to food safety related principles.

Chinese Vice Minister of Health Chen Xiaohong says at the meeting that China's food safety still lags behind that of developed countries. Chen says the main problems of China's food safety include pollution caused by agricultural products, low quality of some of the food products, big proportion of medium and small size food enterprises in the food industry, few adequate technology and equipment facilities, incomplete quality testing systems and imperfect food safety management. Chen adds that food safety will be China's focus of this coming Olympic year.

Gu Xiulian, vice chairperson of the National People's Congress Committee, also says that food safety has been included into the NPC's legislation plan of this year and laws and regulations will be drafted to regulate the development of this industry. According to Gu, China will strengthen the technical transformation of food companies, particularly those small-sized ones, to make sure that every cycle of food manufacturing is safeguarded.

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