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PAY88 Expanding Products To Shanghai

Pay88 says they on target for their sales expansion project of their online multiplayer game card products in China.

"I am very excited to say that we are set to expand into Shanghai. We have developed some very strong relationships with game providers and retail card distributors and feel that we are ready to move forward in the Shanghai market," said Guo Fan, president and CEO of Pay88. "We feel that we have been very successful in penetrating the market in Chongqing and we are ready to serve another large metropolitan city like Shanghai."

The Shanghai market provides significant potential for Pay88 to continue developing relationships with major online game providers and other key participants in the online game market. Pay88 says its success in Chongqing will serve as the template for a strategy in penetrating the market in Shanghai and facilitate further expansion into other areas through both new and established relationships.

Pay88 says it remains committed to continuing to ramp up sales through its expansion throughout China focusing on the online multiplayer game cards and forging strong relationships with the big game company providers.

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