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Loyalty Marketing Conference Looks At Chinese Retailers

The growing prosperity of China's urban consumers has opened the country to retailers from both developed and local markets.

As incomes rise, China will become the second largest consumer market in the world by 2010. Consumers are beginning to spend a larger proportion of their income on discretionary items, significantly changing the patterns of spending in the economy. Retailers have to be more consumer-focused to stay ahead of the competition. Similar to consumer-centric countries, retailers in China recognize the critical importance of regular, loyal customers. However, this objective is difficult to achieve in an environment inhabited by largely price-driven Chinese consumer, and where current loyalty programs are often represented by a simple generic VIP card.

As Mr. Kevin Yeow, ICLP China says, "The most important remains: Brands must develop programmes that provide value to the consumer, whether through the right reward plan or other forms of recognition."

These issues and much more will be discussed at IIR China's inaugural "Loyalty Programmes China" conference. Taking place at the Novotel Atlantis hotel in Pudong, Shanghai on December 4, 2007, this will be a premier "Loyalty" event for forward-thinking Chinese and international retail businesses and professionals.

"A good loyalty program improves the competitiveness of an enterprise by promoting customer loyalty through valuable data supported by a professional team and software. China's sophisticated consumers demand more from loyalty programs" says Ma Ning, marketing director of Accentiv, a specialist division of Accor Services dealing exclusively with loyalty issues.

The power-packed one-day conference features exclusive, dynamic and engaging case-study presentations from some of China's most successful loyalty program practitioners, and key learning sessions from recognized experts in CRM and loyalty program and loyalty marketing development.

Confirmed speakers include senior Loyalty experts and representatives from Shangri-La Hotels, Sephora, Avon, Volkswagen Shanghai, Oracle China, Accentiv, ICLP, and Tesco UK's loyalty partner DunnHumby.

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