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Entrepreneur Confidence Index Grows Steadily

According to the results of nationwide survey on 19,500 all types of enterprises conducted by National Bureau of Statistics of China, the entrepreneur confidence index gained 143.0 in the third quarter, which remained the general level with the second quarter, and higher than the same period of last year.

50.1 percent of the entrepreneurs were optimistic about the overall operation of their businesses, and 42.7 percent of them saw little change, which indicated that many entrepreneurs had good prospects and confidence on the macro-economic development at the current time and in the future in China.

The ECIs of many industries kept steady in the third quarter. ECIs for the mining industry, production and supply of electric power, gas and water, wholesale and retail trade, transmission computer service and software, and lodging and catering respectively were 162.0, 144.2, 145.2, 158.4 and 136.0, remained the general level with the second quarter; that of construction, traffic, transport, storage and post, real estate and social services, were 142.1, 142.2, 146.6 and 141.0, respectively rose by 1.7, 3.7, 1.1 and 4.2 points; that for manufacturing was 140.5, slightly declined over last quarter. Comparing with the same period of last year, ECIs for all above industries had promoted to some extent.

The ECIs of large, medium and small sized enterprises kept steady growth to 160.5, 133.5 and 124.5 respectively, remained the general level with the second quarter, and had a completely promotion year-on-year.

The ECIs of eastern, middle and western regions had little change with 144.4, 142.5 and 141.1, respectively.

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