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ACFTU Issues Measures To Protect Chinese Trade Union Leaders

All China Federation of Trade Unions has promulgated a range of new measures to protect the rights of chairpersons of trade unions operating within enterprises.

The measures says that when the rights of a chairperson of a trade union of an enterprise is infringed, the umbrella trade unions shall supervise and urge the enterprise's party commission or administrative department to ask the enterprise to make corrections, and if necessary they should turn to the labor department for it to order the enterprise to correct, pay compensations to the chairpersons or provide legal aid to them, and pay the relevant arbitration or legal fees involved for the case.

In order to protect the due rights of enterprise trade unions' chairpersons, ACFTU asks trade unions above county or district levels to arrange a cadre rights guarantee fund. The amount is aimed at RMB500,000 for provincial level trade unions, RMB300,000 for city level and RMB100,000 at county levels.

A representative from ACFTU Shanghai says that these new measures and a couple of other ongoing measures will form a solid protection for chairpersons of trade unions to carry out their duties and this also means a better protection for the rights of normal employees.

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