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Suning Enters Strategic Partnership With Acer

Chinese electronics retailer Suning is entering a strategic partnership with Acer for the computer manufacturer to bring its products to about 200 Suning stores in Chinese mainland before the end of this year.

Acer says that it will join hands with Suning to explore China's PC market and aims to sell 150,000 Acer computers via Suning stores next year. In order to make the strategic cooperation more effective, Acer is reported to have invested much into the partnership. Though the company seldom sends staff for sales promotions, it will arrange a professional sales promotion staff at all Suning stores where their products are sold to deal with such issues as sales and training.

In addition, Acer has given Suning the exclusive rights to sell Acer's Exttensa series in China. It also promises to sell its new product solely at Suning stores and provide it with special computer types to coordinate with various promotional activities.

Jin Ming, vice president of Suning, has told local media that Suning will choose excellent stores from its sale network of more than 600 stores in 190 cities across China for Acer and the number of stores will increase gradually from next year until Acer's products enter all Suning stores.

Acer's direct-supply deal with Suning started in July this year. In the past four months, its computer sales in Suning stores have reportedly increased by tenfold.

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