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Officescape Now Offering Office Services In China

Officescape has expanded its reach into Beijing.

As the next expansion into international locales, the new service offerings will allow people doing business in China and abroad the ability to have an Office On Demand or a Virtual Office in the growing Asian market.

The new location in Beijing will allow for businesses to expand their presence without incurring the overhead and expense associated with a traditional office. Officescape’s Office On Demand and Virtual Office services allow businesses to set up a local business presence in selected markets without having to add staff, purchase real estate or buy additional equipment. The move into China will strengthen the global presence of Officescape and provide the opportunity for a broader international presence for its clientele; Officescape currently offers its services in the United States, Canada and Central America.

In addition to providing an on demand serviced office, Officescape also provides IP-based office applications, communications and conferencing tools as part of its office service offerings. These online services allow people traveling to Beijing the opportunity to truly continue to operate their business seamlessly from any remote location. Officescape clients can answer all of their incoming phone calls, send and receive faxes and emails and set up web conferences anytime, anywhere.

An added benefit in the timing of this announcement is the 2008 Olympics. As the Beijing Olympics approach, businesses that use Officescape services can travel to Beijing and have a physical facility to operate from while conducting business overseas.

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