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Online Chinese Travel Service Goes Offline With Convenience Stores

With only about 15% of China's population having access to the Internet, more online travel service providers in China are choosing to turn to offline services. has taken a lead in this area by cooperating with a convenience store. According to media reports, has entered into a strategic partnership with domestic convenience store C-Store, which has made the exclusive travel service provider for C-Store and C-Store the only convenience store service provider in the Chinese mainland for

Under their agreement, the parties will jointly launch travel service booking sites in more than 220 C-Stores across the country to provide 24-hour travel booking services for customers.

At present, C-Store has over 220 direct-run stores in Zhejiang, Jiangsu and Guangzhou. Huang Zhida, general manager of, says that the cooperation will break the limit in the company's original service areas in southern China and will bring its distribution network further to Shanghai and other regions.

The cooperation has brought a new sales pattern for both and C-Store and it is important in that it serves as a model for China's further online travel development.

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