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Hollywood Companies Promote Legitimate DVDs In China

Warner Home Video says it will cooperate with two major Hollywood studios to bring their legitimate and low-priced DVDs to China in an effort to curb the country's widespread privacy.

The two Hollywood companies are Paramount Home Entertainment International and Dreamworks. After their cooperation with Warner Home Video begins, Chinese consumers will be able to purchase high quality DVDs, and possibly watch big Hollywood movies earlier than people in the other parts of the world.

At present, Warner Home Video has about 20000 distributors in over 50 cities in China, where the company plans to distribute the low-priced DVDs from the two partners. According to their agreement, the first two releases are Paramount's "Transformers" and Dreamworks' "Shrek the Third".

Wang Xiaoran, president of China Audio Video with which Warner Home Video established a joint venture in 2005, says this cooperation will bring a positive impact on China's legitimate DVD market.

Philippe Cardon, president of Warner Home Video International, says that Warner Home Video is confident that by joining hands with Paramount and Dreamworks, they can create a powerful legitimate market for legal DVDs and it is good for China's legitimate DVD market.

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