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Haier and Intel Initiate Joint Marketing

Following the signing of an MOU on a full range of strategic cooperation, Haier and Intel have initiated a joint marketing program in Qingdao.

In the initial period, the two sides will carry out joint promotions in which they will make marketing goals, strategies and designs, which is expected to make their cooperation in the terminal market more flexible.

A representative from Haier told local media that the marketing activities that the parties launched before China's National Day on The World of Warcraft, which were later proven successful, had laid a strong foundation for the parties' cooperation in the initiation of JMP. In addition, the parties had been well prepared on the cooperation by including marketing as one part of their cooperation areas, along with technology and management.

The launch of the program is believed by Chinese professionals to be an important step in furthering the parties' cooperation. As the most successful brand of their own fields, this cooperation is thought to be deeper than brand combination and expected to bring a win-win result for both sides.

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