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Xi'an Will Adopt Reporting Mechanism For Sales Promotions

Following a stampede at a Carrefour in Chongqing that left shoppers dead, Xi'an Municipal Market Order Disciplining Leader Team Work Office has convened representatives of the city's pricing departments, shopping malls and supermarkets for a meeting, asking them to ensure consumers' safety during shopping and make reports about their sales promotions in advance.

XMMODLTWO says that a reporting mechanism shall be adopted at big shopping malls and supermarkets for large scale sales promotions. It asks that all retail operators report their sales promotion plans when the discount rate is over 20% three days in advance for normal days and seven days in advance for major holidays.

In addition, the XMMODLTWO asks retailers to strictly abide by the government's pricing policy, not to spread rumors about price hikes, not collude with others in raising prices, not to forestall or sell goods at a price lower than the cost price, and not to engage in any price increase by any other disguised means.

XMMODLTWO says that retailers shall be punished if their sales promotions have not been approved by the concerned government departments. No specific punishments have been reported by local media.

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