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Carrefour China Top Executives Arrive In Chongqing For Accident

Eric Legros, president of Carrefour China, has reportedly arrived in Chongqing to deal with problems arising from a deadly stampede that occurred at Carrefour's Chongqing outlet on November 10.

Jean Luc Chereau, a consultant of Carrefour, has also reportedly arrived in the city to coordinate with the investigation of the accident. He is said to have met leaders from Chongqing's Shaping District Government where the Carrefour outlet is located, discussing a resolution of the issue and concerned compensation to the victims.

According to a representative from Shaping District, the investigation on the accident is currently underway and a conclusion will be made following further analysis. Carrefour Chongqing Shaping Store stopped business after the accident, which the representative says won't be resumed until relevant issues are solved and the store is proven qualified for consumers.

Carrefour Shaping Store launched a three-day promotion last Friday to celebrate the 10th anniversary of Carrefour's entery into the Chongqing market. As the store offered a price for cooking oil RMB11.5 cheaper than usual, people began queuing at the store's entrance at around 04:00 on November 10. The accident reportedly occurred at around 08:40 on the day when the store started its business and people burst in to get the cheap goods, causing three deaths and over 30 injuries.

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