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Home Inns Unveils RMB1,000 Olympic Rooms

Although many high-end hotels in Beijing have not decided their final room prices for the 2008 Olympic Games, some budget hotels have already begun to increase their prices or set their pricing strategy for the Games period.

Local media reports Jinjiang Inns in Beijing has set prices from RMB399 to RMB699 per night during the Olympics. The hotel reportedly has already begun to accept bookings and the first reservation period will expire December 31, 2007. The hotel also said that these rooms will mainly be provided for their loyalty marketing members who stay at least two nights, and bookers must pay all the expenses within seven days of the reservation.

Home Inns has reportedly signed a contract with China Travel Service Head Office about guestrooms reservations for the Olympics. They have already started their room bookings and launched some rooms priced at more than RMB1,000 per night.

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