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Ministry Of Health Recalls Ten Chinese Cosmetics

China's Ministry of Health has issued an emergency notice, asking ten kinds of illegal cosmetics to be recalled by their manufacturers.

During an inspection, Zhejiang Provincial Health Department found that Mei Yun Feng Qing series of cosmetics made by Guangzhou Shimei Cosmetics Company and moisturizing facial mask made by Fanyu Gela Beauty Products Company have used dexamethasone, chloramphenicol, metronidazole or hydrocortisone acetate, which are all banned raw materials, in their cosmetics. Zhejiang Provincial Health Department then reported this to the Ministry of Health.

China's Ministry of Health asks health departments at all levels to conduct a thorough check on these cosmetics, stop selling them immediately, report the origin and selling situations of the products, recall products which have already been sold, severely punish businesses that are still selling the products and publish the result to the consumers.

Dexamethasone is a member of the glucocorticoid class of hormones which is also called the opium of the skin. Frequent use of cosmetics with this ingredient will cause dermatitis or other skin ailments. Chloramphenicol and Metronidazole are antibiotics that can do harm to people's health if overused.

The ten cosmetics are Guangzhou Shimei Cosmetics Company's Meiyun Fengqing Camomile Anti-hypersusceptibility Toner MY202; Meiyun Fengqing Camomile Anti-hypersusceptibility Toner MB202; Camomile Anti-hypersusceptibility MB202; Meiyun Fengqing Camomile Anti-hypersusceptibility Essence MY203; Camomile Anti-hypersusceptibility Essence MB203; Meiyun Fengqing Camomile Anti-hypersusceptibility Cream MY204; Camomile Anti-hypersusceptibility Facial Mask MB206 for Soothing and Reducing Redness; Meiyun Fengqing Camomile Repairing Cream MY207; Meiyun Fengqing Pox Removal Lotion MY510; Fanyu Gela Beauty Products Company's Anti-hypersusceptibility and Moisturizing Facial Mask.

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