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CNTA Revises Regulations For Management Of Travel Agencies

News from tourism quality supervision training held in Anhui is that new regulations on the management of travel agencies has been submitted to the Legislative Affairs Office of the State Council and will be discussed in the executive meeting of State Council in December.

Peng Zhikai, deputy director of Department of Policy, Laws and Regulations of China National Tourism Administration, disclosed to local media that the classification of travel agencies will be changed.

The revised regulation says that travel agencies with at least RMB300,000 registered capital are allowed to operate inbound and domestic tourism business after they are approved. And provincial tourism bureaus will be given approval authority of travel agencies. In addition, travel agencies can set up their branches without area limits, but the operational scope of branches should not exceed their parent agency.

In the new regulation, if tourists are cheated in pricing or products during shopping which a travel agency has arranged, the travel agency must help to exchange goods or return money within 30 days. If the problem can not be solved after 60 days, the related travel agency must refund the money itself to the consumers.

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