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Western Union Offers Cash Payment For Google AdSense Subscribers In China

Western Union announced a program that allows Google AdSense publishers to receive payment in cash in nine countries and regions, including mainland China.

The program will benefit AdSense publishers in numerous ways. By choosing to receive payments via Quick Cash, they can receive their funds in U.S. dollars or, at most Western Union Agent locations in the participating countries, local currency. In addition, subscribers will not need bank accounts to receive funds. And by choosing to receive their funds at a participating Western Union Agent location, they can cut down on the bank fees and long clearing times associated with depositing checks.

The Google AdSense advertising program enables website publishers to serve Google AdWords text, image and video ads that are targeted to their website's content. When visitors to the site click on the ad, the AdSense publisher earns revenue.

Before the launch of this program, website publishers using Google's AdSense program received payment via paper check or electronic funds transfer into a bank account. Now, subscribers in Argentina, Chile, mainland China, Colombia, Malaysia, Pakistan, Peru, the Philippines and Romania can receive payment in cash at a participating Western Union Agent location. In most cases, funds are available to the receiver the same day they are sent.

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