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Wal-Mart Asked To Execute Chinese Court's Sentence

A Chinese consumer surnamed with Yang has submitted an application to Beijing's Shijingshan District Court, asking the court to force Wal-Mart to fulfill a previous court's sentence.

On January 5, 2007, Yang bought 30 boxes of "Hong Jing Yuan" brand flaxseed oil from Wal-Mart Zhichun Road store for RMB4470 when he read that it could help him lose weight, lower his blood pressure, and prevent diabetes. But later when he was told the edible oil could not have so much therapeutic value, he filed a lawsuit against Wal-Mart for misleading consumers and asked the company for double compensation of the price he paid.

The court then sentenced Wal-Mart to double compensate Yang for the product's value and pay him RMB200 for delaying his work, but Wal-Mart did not fulfill the court's order and Yang had to file the appeal for execution of the court's sentence.

Wal-Mart's PR department reportedly says that they know nothing about this.

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