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Gome Formally Adopts New Image

Electrical appliance retailer Gome has formally initiated a new logo in China.

Gome's new logo is shaped like a house, which implies the meaning of home and is intended for consumers to feel Gome's concern for the family. Both the English name of "gome" and Chinese name "Guo Mei" are placed in the house to show Gome's operation concept of innovating home appliance and quality life. Meanwhile, the house symbolizes an upward arrowhead, symbolizing Gome's pioneering and vigorous development.

In addition, the lowercase letters for "gome" have been used to replace the original capitalized "GOME" in the new image to follow the international trend of using small letters, says the company. And the color of new logo has been changed into green-orange, which represents health, entertainment, activity and enthusiasm.

Gome has begun to change the image for its chain stores across China and the work is expected to be completed before August 2008.

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