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Echelon Targets Chinese Consumers Through B&Q Retail Stores

Echelon Corporation says its intelligent lighting solution for homes is available now at B&Q stores in Shenzhen, making it the first LonWorks based lighting and appliance control solution for the Chinese consumer market.

With over 50 stores, B&Q is China's largest home improvement warehouse store chain.

"We built our home control solution on Echelon's networking platform because Echelon delivers the key attributes that we view as necessary for success in the high-volume retail market — high reliability, great simplicity and low cost," said Wanming Zhang, president of Permay. "Homeowners demand products that are powerful, yet easy to use and install. Building on Echelon's base, our solution makes energy savings and home lighting control a reality for the average homeowner in China. Middle income households are the fasting growing segment of the Chinese population; we see this as an enormous long-term opportunity."

Permay's intelligent home solution offers consumers a convenient, cost-effective, and easy way to save energy by networking lights and appliances in a home. Permay's products consist of intelligent light switches and sockets that use Echelon's power line networking products to communicate over existing electricity wires, meaning that no new wires need to be installed. A remote control enables home owners to turn lights on or off with the simple press of a button or lights can be programmed and controlled by computer to set lighting schedules or appliance schedules.

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