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Tesco Opens Eco-friendly Mart In Shanghai

Tesco, one of the world's top retailers, has opened an energy-saving and environmentally friendly model supermarket in Shanghai.

Tao Xunkang, CEO of Tesco (China), says it is Tesco's first eco-friendly mart in China and all of Tesco's new marts will follow the energy saving measures of this mart.

In this mart, Tesco uses many smart control systems to adjust heating, refrigeration, ventilation and air-conditioning. The temperature of the mart is controlled by temperature and carbon dioxide sensing equipment. With the help of HF energy saving lights, the mart can save 15% of its prior energy consumption used on lighting. In addition, the escalator in the mart will run slower when there is no one on it.

Through various energy saving measures, the mart can save 13% of its total energy annually, which equals more than 810,000 kilowatt hours of electrical power or a reduction of 634 tons of carbon emissions.

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