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Gome Will Enter Bailian Department Stores

Chinese home appliance chain store Gome and the shopping mall company Bailian Group have become strategic partners, allowing Gome to enter the shopping malls and stores owned by Bailian.

He Yangqing, the brand director of Gome, says that Gome has already signed a cooperative agreement with Bailian. According to the agreement, when Gome and Yongle, which are two brands owned by Gome, open new stores, they will preferentially enter the shopping malls and stores of Bailian. At the same time, Bailian will preferentially choose Gome and Yongle when choosing home appliances businesses to populate its outlets.

The first cooperation of Gome and Bailian will involve four projects. At present, Bailian owns more than 30 shopping malls and stores in Shanghai, Ningbo, Shenyang and Harbin. In Beijing, Gome has entered big shopping malls like New Yansha Mall and LongDe Shopping Mall and it is possible for Gome to open more stores in shopping malls and stores in Beijing in the coming months.

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