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C&A Opens Specialty Shop In Wangfujing

Fashion retail brand C&A has opened a specialty shop in Beijing's Sun Dong An Plaza, marking the formal entry of C&A into Beijing market.

C&A was founded in 1841 and it is famous for fashionable and original products. By the end of 2007, C&A had opened more than 1,400 specialty shops in twenty countries and regions, including Europe, Latin America and China. In the past three years, C&A has opened 450 shops in European countries and it plans to open 300-500 new ones in 2-3 years.

Li Chengjie, senior vice-president of C&A (China), says that Sun Dong An Plaza's location and target customers are the reasons for it to be the place of C&A's first Beijing shop. In the opening ceremony, C&A revealed its development plan for 2008, which is to open two more shops in Beijing before the Olympics and to expand its business to other major cities in China.

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